Our Program

Children are at the heart of our curriculum. Their learning must be rooted in experiences appropriate to their developmental levels, and pursued based on an individual interest. Our quality early childhood curriculum is focused on the whole child and considers physical, cognitive and social-emotional growth. We make our school fun and interesting, with lots of interactive games and projects that coincide with their current academic focus. In addition, we offer many thematic-based study units throughout the year.

The importance of knowing when a child is ready to take the next step is a crucial part of their educational progression. There are ways of teaching them and encouraging their interest, that makes them feel good about themselves and happy to learn something new. Each day should be an adventure and you will see your child grow a great deal during this time. Their early learning experience should be the most positive of their life. It can easily influence their feelings about education in the future.

At Little Scholars Academy, we cultivate an environment that teaches and encourages social skills. Opportunities to practice and strengthen team work, leadership and communication skills help to instill social confidence at an early age.

A 1:8 teacher-to-child ratio, (the state norm is 1:10) allows us to dedicate more time to each child and illustrates the difference in the quality of our program comparatively. The child-teacher bonds of affection, trust and respect are strengthened by this aspect of our program. A smaller class size provides our teachers with the ability to track each student’s progression with a check-sheet that we have developed. We have been achieving wonderful results utilizing this tool in our classrooms.

Our preschool students and families are of the utmost importance. Our Daily Report Forms keep a record of care and classes for each child and will be available for view and discussion at the end of each day. Their progress check-sheets are updated each week and displayed on site for parents to also track their child’s growth. We have a private photo share site where we post over 200 photos per month. A picture is worth a thousand words and we certainly have a lot to say! In addition, each child’s birthday is made a fun and special celebration.

Visit our Parent Resource page, it has many helpful items for our families including our menus, supply lists, calendars, photo link and inclement weather updates.