Parents Talk

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right school for your child. We developed this page to help make that decision a little easier. See what other parents have to say about Little Scholars Academy!

“We love Little Scholars! Our son thrives there and has grown so much since starting last winter, especially compared to his previous daycare. He always tells us he had a good day and how much fun he had with his teachers and friends. A few of our favorite things are the jungle room which is amazing for the kids to play all winter, the backyard for outdoor space, the monthly calendar with a daily theme or activity, and one of the biggest differences we noticed is that he doesn’t come home hungry! Also he is 2.5 yrs old but speaks like a kindergartner and potty trained and we believe that’s hugely in part to the methods at Little Scholars! The teachers are wonderful and really care about the kids! The management and staff have been so strong throughout this pandemic and stuck it out to be there for the families who needed them. We are so grateful we found Little Scholars.”

Rachel and Collin

“During our time at Little Scholars I have seen my child flourish in her verbal, social, problem solving, mathematical, and practical skills. But on top of helping prepare my child for kindergarten/life, they have supported her during times of need. They have taken the time to help her personally deal with the stress of two homes. For myself they have been helpful and willing to work with our family to help our child. Every day when I ask about my child’s day and I hear everything the teachers have done; it reaffirms that Little Scholars was the best choice I could have made.”

Danielle and Chloe

“With deep appreciation, admiration, gratitude, and respect, we’re writing to let you know that Simon will start Kindergarten this fall. Words can’t express how thankful we are to you, Bell, Mae-Mae, Mr. Mike, Ms. Eleni and the rest of your teachers and staff – our family, really – for the tremendous love, meaningful education, and lifelong skills you’ve bestowed upon our sons in the last 8 years. They’ll carry your positive impacts, patience, and unconditional love with them throughout their lives. Taikuu and quyannaq for helping me raise my sons so far away from my home in rural Alaska, and welcoming us into your family.”


Oliver, Simon, Andrea and Michael

“Our daughter attends Little Scholars Academy. We have been very pleased with the care and attention provided by the staff. What we have appreciated most, are the staff/teachers at Little Scholars. They are great individuals who demonstrate an ability to both love your child and provide a structured and safe environment for them. There is a focus on communication, appropriate discipline and teaching, which we have really appreciated. We also appreciate that their care is offered in a home like environment as opposed to a center. We have and will continue to recommend Little Scholars Academy to other families needing care outside of their home.”
Sally and Dave

“Our experience with Little Scholars Academy has been nothing short of fantastic. We could not be more pleased with our daughter’s experience and progress. It is very evident that she has benefitted greatly from the attention she receives on a daily basis. Her growth both academically and socially has been incredible. We believe the small child to staff ratio and overall culture of the school is what leads to such an amazing experience for our daughter. She has developed many friends with peers and teachers alike throughout her time there. We would recommend Little Scholars Academy to any family without reservation.”
Scott and Heather

“It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Little Scholars Academy. It has been a wonderful school for both of our children.

Your program provides the perfect balance between preparing kids for kindergarten and allowing them to enjoy just being a kid. The individual attention that your staff shows each child creates an environment where each child thrives. The dedication you have to provide a safe, clean, warm and inviting home for your kids gives parents like us peace of mind knowing that our children are being well cared for. One thing we love is that you’ve created a family atmosphere that has always made our kids feel “at home” when they are away from home.

Another thing that really makes Little Scholars Academy truly one of a kind is the people. The caregivers are genuinely some of the most wonderful people we know. They are gentle, kind, respectful and fun. The love and care they have shown our children over the years and what that has meant to us is beyond what we can describe in words. We never could have imagined we would have found that extra special touch in a preschool.“

Thanks for all you do,

Amy and Mario

“We wholeheartedly recommend Little Scholars Academy to any parent searching for a preschool. Our daughter’s teachers are attentive and caring, and do a great job of keeping us informed with daily updates. They have been very accommodating of her alternate diet arrangements as well. Our daughter acts like she’s in her second home when she’s there. We couldn’t have asked for a better preschool environment for such a critical period in her development. She is always learning something new, and is excited to tell us about her projects and what she learned at the end of the day. The daily schedule strikes the perfect balance between learning and fun, keeping her engaged and happy. Her social skills have been greatly enhanced by being able to interact with other kids her age. We feel very fortunate to be part of the Little Scholars family and will definitely be enrolling our younger daughter there as well when she is old enough.”
Lisa and Andy

“We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful care and love you have shown our daughter, Kalila at Little Scholars Academy. Finding someone you trust to take care of your child is the hardest thing a parent can do, but you continue to put our mind at ease. We have found that Little Scholars is the best place for Kalila. She continues to flourish under your guidance. We appreciate that Little Scholars Academy has adjusted to the growth and development of each child by letting them proceed at their own pace, while still encouraging them to meet their own individual potential.

We also appreciate the open communication that we have with you. Little Scholars Academy is both a professional and caring atmosphere that we are pleased to recommend.”


Tami and Brian

“Heidi attended the younger kid Little Scholars Academy preschool from July 2010 to July 2011. Here she continued to receive the love and respect that we had come to expect from Bell and her staff. The atmosphere at the younger kid Little Scholars Academy preschool is one that fosters independence. Heidi learned to fasten her own shoes and coat as well as put on her own hat and gloves. She also continued to learn to take turns and share. In addition, Miss Drew and Miss Jackie made each day fun and exciting so the kids love to learn.

Bell and her staff recognize that children learn and develop at different rates and work with each child individually to ensure that they learn the necessary skills to enter kindergarten. An added benefit is that there is no “potty-training” prerequisite for the Little Scholars Academy. It is great that Heidi is not held back academically because she is not yet completely potty-trained. Already at the age of 3½ Heidi is able to count to 20, identifies a majority of her ABCs out of order as well as write a couple of them. We are looking forward to what is to come as Heidi continues at the big kid Little Scholars Academy pre-k.

It makes it easier for us to go to work each day knowing that Heidi is in such a fun and loving learning environment. We can’t think of a better place for Heidi to spend her day and it is our pleasure to recommend the Little Scholars Academy.”


Brad and April

“Are you looking for a Pre-School/Kindergarten where your child is surrounded by loving teachers and wonderful happy kids with involved families? Maybe you would like to give your child opportunities for exploration, a creative variety of activities for stimulation, personal and group classroom time, and a focus on social graces and development? Little Scholars Academy is all this and more. LSA is a very special school where the kids feel like one big family. They look forward to being with their buddies and teachers every day, and are excelling academically and socially beyond expectations of their ages.

The teacher provides an outstanding school program based on sincere interest for education, social development and happiness of the kids in their care.”


Shannon and Scott

“Little Scholars Academy has been a wonderful place for our son, Mason, who is almost 3 years old. Previously Mason attended My Bundle of Joy starting at 4 months old, which is for children under 2 years old. My husband and I have been very happy with our experience at both locations. Mason wakes up every morning excited to go to “school” and he has made best friends over the years, some of which he has been in the same daycare with since he was 4 months old! He loves his teachers – who always take time for him and make sure he is well taken care of throughout the day, always interacting with the children and attending to their individual needs. Mason is great at sharing and playing with other kids as a result of being in Little Scholars Academy – the amazing teachers even had him potty trained in two weeks! The kids regularly do art projects, learn about different topics (each noted in the monthly calendar), sing, dance, play outside, read books and so much more. Overall, we could not be happier with our experience at Little Scholars Academy and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for childcare in the Portland Area.”

Gena and Chris

“We are constantly amazed and pleasantly surprised by the new skills that our daughter demonstrates as a result of her preschool lessons. The activities are fun (field trips, backyard activities, and afternoon dance parties) and educational (learning food groups, animals and their environments, storybook time). We’ve watched our daughter advance her communication skills, learn to engage positively with others, and grow her little personality with the help of the wonderful caregivers at Little Scholars Academy.”
Rachael and Tim

“It is with great pleasure we write this letter to share our wonderful experiences with Little Scholars Academy.

Jackson arrived to Little Scholars Academy in the spring of 2010. Jackson was more than ready to move up to join the “big kids”; as his mom I was both thrilled and nervous at the thought of moving to a new house. The nerves went away the minute we walked through the doors. Little Scholars Academy is lively, interactive and the staff is amazing, as they are at all of the houses.

Jackson has been there for a little over a year, and it never ceases to amaze me what the teachers provide for him. He gets to learn new things each and every day, socially interact with other children his age, but most of all – play and craft his imagination as every child should. We love the variety of things the teachers introduce to them each week, the “show and tell” days, the variety of arts and crafts, science experiments and the love of reading and books. I have watched Jackson flourish in this environment.

These ladies are not just teachers, they are family. They have loved and nurtured my child to be the amazing individual he is. It is evident each day I pick him up how much he is loved by these incredible women. I am truly grateful to Bell and to Little Scholars Academy for this. Every child should have this blessing in their lives.”


Thea and Chris

“My wife and I have our daughter enrolled at Little Scholars Academy and could not be happier with the quality of this preschool! The teachers are excellent and the atmosphere is very supportive, safe and loving. We particularly appreciate the creativity fostered by the curriculum, the emphasis on cooperative play and mutual respect, and the gentleness in how the staff care for the children. We would not want her anywhere else!”
James and Emily

“We have had two children in Little Scholars’ programs over the course of the last three years, one just starting the preschool program and one recently “graduated” to the older child’s school. Our Little Scholars student comes home with the cutest and most interesting projects, she is truly challenged and learning more every day, and best of all, at the end of the day she is tired. We feel lucky to have found this program!

The care in all of Little Scholars’s programs is incomparable, and believe me, I have looked. We are very grateful to all of the staff in the different programs for the tangible and positive effect they have had on our two children. It truly takes a village to raise a child and we have never regretted including Little Scholars as part of our family.”

Jen and Jarvis