Johns Landing Preschool
244 SW Dakota Street
Portland, Oregon 97239


Spacious kitchen where healthy meals are prepared at Little Scholars Academy Johns Landing Preschool

Come learn and play with us!


A unique, media-free playroom at Johns Landing Preschool Little Scholars Academy

Here’s where healthy meals are prepared with love for our special little ones.


Johns Landing Preschool large play space for rainy Portland days

What will we do after lunch? It’s a surprise!

home photo 113

Our media-free playrooms are each unique…

home photo 114

…and offer plenty of room for big movement on those rainy days when we can’t go outside.


home photo 088

Many windows flood the rooms with light. What a cheery place!

home photo 110

Come on a safari in our Jungle Room.


home photo 101

We love to play outside where the cool grass tickles our feet!