“Is it with great pleasure to write this letter to share our wonderful experiences with Little Scholars Academy.

Jackson arrived to Little Scholars Academy in the spring of 2010.  Jackson was more than ready to move up to join the “big kids”; as his mom I was both thrilled and nervous at the thought of moving to a new house.  The nerves went away the minute we walked through the doors.  Little Scholars Academy is lively, interactive and the staff is amazing, as they are at all of the houses.

Jackson has been there for a little over a year, and it never ceases to amaze me what the teachers provide for him.  He gets to learn new things each and every day, socially interact with other children his age, but most of all –  play and craft his imagination as every child should.  We love the variety of things the teachers introduce to them each week, the “show and tell” days, the variety of arts and crafts, science experiments and the love of reading and books.  I have watched Jackson flourish in this environment.

These ladies are not just teachers, they are family.  They have loved and nurtured my child to be the amazing individual he is.  It is evident each day I pick him up how much he is loved by these incredible women.  I am truly grateful to Bell and to Little Scholars Academy for this.  Every child should have this blessing in their lives.”


Thea and Chris