“It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Little Scholars Academy. It has been a wonderful school for both of our children.

Your program provides the perfect balance between preparing kids for kindergarten and allowing them to enjoy just being a kid. The individual attention that your staff shows each child creates an environment where each child thrives. The dedication you have to provide a safe, clean, warm and inviting home for your kids gives parents like us peace of mind knowing that our children are being well cared for. One thing we love is that you’ve created a family atmosphere that has always made our kids feel “at home” when they are away from home.

Another thing that really makes Little Scholars Academy truly one of a kind is the people. The caregivers are genuinely some of the most wonderful people we know. They are gentle, kind, respectful and fun. The love and care they have shown our children over the years and what that has meant to us is beyond what we can describe in words. We never could have imagined we would have found that extra special touch in a preschool. “

Thanks for all you do,

Amy and Mario