“Heidi attended the younger kid Little Scholars Academy preschool from July 2010 to July 2011. Here she continued to receive the love and respect that we had come to expect from Bell and her staff. The atmosphere at the younger kid Little Scholars Academy preschool is one that fosters independence. Heidi learned to fasten her own shoes and coat as well as put on her own hat and gloves. She also continued to learn to take turns and share. In addition, Miss Drew and Miss Jackie made each day fun and exciting so the kids love to learn.


Bell and her staff recognize that children learn and develop at different rates and work with each child individually to ensure that they learn the necessary skills to enter kindergarten. An added benefit is that there is no “potty-training” prerequisite for the Little Scholars Academy. It is great that Heidi is not held back academically because she is not yet completely potty-trained. Already at the age of 3½  Heidi is able to count to 20, identifies a majority of her ABCs out of order as well as write a couple of them. We are looking forward to what is to come as Heidi continues at the big kid Little Scholars Academy pre-k.


It makes it easier for us to go to work each day knowing that Heidi is in such a fun and loving learning environment.  We can’t think of a better place for Heidi to spend her day and it is our pleasure to recommend the Little Scholars Academy.”




Brad and April